Septic Systems

We have been installing septic systems for over 30 years. We are a licensed utility contractor for Carroll County and Frederick County, Maryland. We are certified to install conventional B.A.T. and sand mound septic systems. We can complete your septic project, from a full installation to a replacement of a broken, clogged, or damaged pipe. If your drainfeilds have failed, and you have water leaching to the top of the ground, we can escort you through the process of working with the local health department to have your drainfields replaced in a safe and proper manner. If you are building new, we can work with you or your builder to complete your septic system on time and according to specification. Most homeowners’ biggest concern is what condition their lawn is going to be when the job is complete. We ensure the lawn looks as good, or better,  than when the job was started. We have a vast range of landscape tools to complete this task in an effective manner.